Aspirant Directors Programme

Starting in Autumn and running until Spring, the upon Programme will welcome around 40 new Aspirant Directors.

Aspirant Directors Programme

The delivery of the programme will be a blend of virtual and face to face learning. And don’t worry, we’ll make sure there are a mix of activities so you’re not glued to a screen and you get to take advantage of the informal interactions that you would benefit from during a residential programme.

We’ll concentrate on creating the perfect environment for you to grow into the role of Director, using a range of inputs and techniques.

  • As well as 8 ‘taught’ days, you will take part in learning visits, action learning and leadership challenge activities, planned to support you in your very busy day job.
  • Content will be tailored around the needs of the cohort, using the skills and experience of participants as well as the expertise of facilitators and contributors.


What you’ll experience:

  • Leadership and management development including both academic learning and the chance to discuss the realities with leaders in the field, personal leadership qualities and resilience, systems leadership and building alliances and partnerships; working in political and corporate contexts; leading in complexity; engaging communities; delivering results; innovation and change.
  • Building technical knowledge and skills – open access repository including guides, videos, blogs from successful leaders, learning sessions in areas of knowledge gaps.
  • Personal support – you’ll have formative assessments including 360 feedback, a regional learning mentor and an employer sponsor. There is optional academic accreditation and an optional coaching offer in year 2 and career advice and support.
  • You’ll grow as a person and as a leader during the programme which will equip you to feel more ready to step up to a DCS role with confidence, and you’ll be part of a national peer community during the programme and beyond.

In return, we ask that you, and your sponsors, are committed to your full contribution to and completion of the programme, giving to your peers as well as yourselves.

Should you apply?

We’re looking for inspiring new leaders that children can depend upon. Here’s an outline of some of the experience and character that would make an ideal future DCS:

  • A strong moral purpose and passion to champion children and young people and their outcomes.
  • At least 3 years effective senior strategic leadership and management experience in local government children’s services or related fields and sectors, though perhaps you feel you still want to consolidate your knowledge across the different component areas or be more confident in applying leadership skills to a more diverse range of services.
  • If you fit these criteria, and you have the potential to become a Director of Children’s Services within the next three years then apply.


Up for it?

All we need you to do at this stage is let us know you’re interested in finding out more. No long-winded forms to fill in, just some top level information for us to base an informal, exploratory conversation upon.

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